customer satisfaction and high quality is our motto.


After years of painting and restoring houses in the Seattle area, I realized there were several recurring problems no one had resolved. Many customers were frustrated with projects dragging on for weeks, miscommunication, and low quality work just to name a few.

There are many high quality craftsmen who lack the organizational skills to effectively communicate with clients, or they do great work but can’t keep up with demand due to a lack of ability to train and manage a team. On the other side of the section are huge national painting businesses that have good systems, but focus more on sales to the point that their quality of work suffers.

Blue Sky is the best of both worlds. We are on a mission to combine a culture of craftsmanship with over the top customer service. Every week our team reaches toward the asymptote of perfection by choosing one thing last week that we can do better this week. We are building a team of professional painters and carpenters who are dedicated to improving the beauty and longevity of your home. The kind of people who go home and build furniture on their day off. We take pride in restoring the most exquisite homes from Seattle to Everett. We are transparent, friendly, quick, and quality. We treat every house like it is our own!

If your house is a little past due, I’d encourage you to get a few bids, just make sure one of them is from Blue Sky!


Blue Sky Van

The Blue Sky Van. Scoping our business opportunities in the desert.

The Blue Sky crew made our home look new again...
We are thrilled! Thanks to Luke & Blue Sky for a job well done.
— Jim & Barb Dibble (Kenmore, WA)